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"This was one of the first free fan-made FPS games in Germany and was made with GCS with Christian themes. You have the task to collect in your church prayer books scattered around. Of which there are in each level ten. Unfortunately you can not pursue this task undisturbed. On the one hand, you're through closed doors as long prevented from entering different rooms until you have been exaggerated a matching key. On the other hand, the are other powers interested in seeing you in your mission fail. For this purpose, zombie and evil attack your faith. The Bible is your salvation! Scattered throughout the level, you'll find several Bibles. If you do read them, you gain new faith. If you have lost your faith completely, the game is over."
--3D Shooter Legends

Pastor 3D was a game created using the 3D Game Creation System by 3D Diocese. It featured a Christian theme.


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