Nick Hunter

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Nick Hunter

"As a highly decorated specialist in counter-terrorism with DEEP (Department of Elaborate Engagement Protocols), a disjointed arm of the CIA, you are a far cry from the stereotypical Vietnam era snake-eating, muscle-bound Rambo commando. You are the epitome of the ultimate soldier, using intellect, cunning and lightning speed to achieve his objectives. Brute force is only a matter of necessity, nothing more, nothing personal. Armed with the most exotic weapons and equipment, you are a master of infiltration and escape, adept in all aspects of combat engineering, including demolition, ambush, recon and subterranean warfare."
--Terminal Terror documentation

Nick Hunter is the protagonist of Lethal Tender (1993) and Terminal Terror (1994) described as a "counter-terrorism specialist". He is a secret agent for the Department of Elaborate Engagement Protocols known for being able to single-handedly infiltrate and end terrorist plots. At the start of Terminal Terror he is engaged to CIA Agent Susan Riker, who Hunter has to save after being kidnapped by Bruno Riggs.