Deer Napped

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"Dear Napped Features 3D style graphics muchlike "DOOM" or "WOLFENSTEIN 3D". The theme and game play will appeal to kids in the 6 to 12 age group. Santa's reindeer have been abducted or "Deer Napped", its your job to rescue them. There is virtually no violence as the weapons simply transform the enemies from Abominable Snowpeople to happy, smiling and harmless Snowmen"
--Walnut Creek

Deer Napped, similar to Terror in Christmas Town, features a Christmas theme derived from Santa's Rescue 3D. The player is a ninja working for Santa and must rescue his reindeer from the Abominable Snowpeople. The game was created by Nic-Ty Entertainmentick, which consisted of Nick Fletcher and Tyler Smith of Smiths Falls, Ontario who were both only age 14 at the time of the game's release. The game was made while participating in a program called "I want to be a Millionaire". The aim of the program was to encourage young entrepreneurs to learn about business through hands on experience. The game is notably non-violent as enemies are turned into harmless snowmen rather than dying.