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"Pie in the Sky Software was a game and software development company located in Fairport, New York (near Rochester), founded by Kevin Stokes in 1987. The company's first product was a 3D screen saver, followed by the shareware 3D flight simulator Corncob 3D. In the early 1990's Pie in the Sky grew and became one of a group of developers working together over the internet. The company's focus shifted to contract work for larger game companies, which resulted in the development of several 3D action titles, one of which was Lethal Tender. In 1995, the company introduced the first version of their Pie In The Sky 3D Game Creation System for MS-DOS. A completely revamped version of that engine was released for Windows, with support for Direct 3D, was released in late 1998. The company discontinued selling this engine in May 2003. Not long afterwards, the company websites became inactive."

MobyGames is a directory and encyclopaedia of computer games and computer game related topics submitted by users. It therefore features many Power 3D and 3D Game Creation System games.


"Games using the Pie in the Sky engine by Pie in the Sky Software. After cutting their teeth on the flight simulator Corncob 3D, Pie in the Sky Software honed their 3D engine for first-person shooter (FPS) applications, releasing two of their own and distributing the Pie In The Sky 3D Game Creation System, which was used far and wide to make countless Wolf3D clones."

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