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Welcome to Pie in the Sky Wiki![edit]

This a wiki about Pie in the Sky Software, the Power 3D engine and the associated 3D Game Creation System that brought first-person graphics to the masses in the mid-1990s. This wiki shall seek to document the company's products, the games created by others using its tools and the broader community it spawned.

There are currently 90 articles and 41 images on the wiki!


Pie in the Sky[edit]

Game Creation System[edit]

Norman's Escape]], Nuclear Apocalypse, Paul: Vs The CIA (Gold Edition), Pencil Whipped, Project: Undead, Prezzie Hunt, Recall, Red Planet, Robot Surge, Satellite, The Shortest Straw (alpha demo), Specimen, The Tickle People, Thundra, Wild West Goldhunter, XYLOT's Revenge, Zulu 7



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