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Splash screen
Froggman front cover

Lethal Tender is a 1993 first-person shooter video game by Pie in the Sky Software and the first to use the Power 3D engine. Secret agent Nick Hunter must thwart the evil Thorne Devereaux, who is planting bombs in U.S. currency. The game featured various singular features such as taking the uniforms of dead enemies for protection. The game is described by Home of the Underdogs as "a fun, albeit amateurish, first-person shooter." The game set out the style followed closely by most other Power 3D engine games, particularly noting its inventory system, though even its graphics were mostly reused by later games as well. The game, also known as Legal Tender, was published by Expert Software and later re-released by Froggman.


Rather than levels being in strictly linear order, the game featured a hub system similar to the earlier Catacomb 3D or later Hexen.

  • Level 1:
  • Level 2:
  • Level 3:
  • Level 4:
  • Level 5:
  • Level 6:
  • Level 7:
  • Level 8:
  • Level 9:
  • Level 10:



  • Grey Guard
  • Bed Shooter


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