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Kevin Stokes

"Schooled in Physics Developed software my whole life. Many years of experience in Assembly, C, C++, C#. 10+ years of 3D graphics simulation work using my own 3D engine built from scratch, and also Microsoft's Direct 3D. Firmware and hardware drivers for embedded systems large and small, from 8051 all the way up to high end TI DSP's and Arm CPUs. Designed prototype circuits with CPU's and built them. Developed VHDL applications for Altera FPGAs... I'm the guy who can write a bootloader or a device driver, or an FPGA app, or a desktop application, or a Java applet for the web. But what sets me apart from most software folk is that I enjoy getting down into the hardware stuff too."
--Profile, Linkedin

Kevin Stokes is the head programmer and founder of Pie in the Sky Software. He currently lives in Rochester, New York and works as a programmer in industrial automation, employed at Imaginant since June 2002 whilst Pie in the Sky first folded. Prior to founding Pie in the Sky in January 1989, he was a laboratory engineer for the Diagnostic Ultrasound Research Laboratory at Duke University from January 1982-June 1986. This overlapped with him studying for a master's degree in physics at the same institution from 1986 through 1992, completed but without writing a thesis. All of this built upon an earlier bachelor of science cum laude in the same subject from the University of Rochester from 1980-1984, where he created a graphics system for receiving weather data from a satellite.

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