John Worsham

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"In order to appeal to the game developers who wanted more flexibility, we had been selling a more advanced version of the GCS called the GCSP, which was the GCS engine with the source code, and some extras. John Worsham had purchased it and wrote me a note explaining that he had found a bug in the code which draws polygons and fixed it. This was an annoying problem which had bothered me for years. Polygons could at certain angles suddenly disappear and then reappear seemly at random. This impressed me quite a bit. I don't recall much about how it came about, but soon John W. was making all kinds of improvements to the game engine. He also created an add-on package for the GCS called gcsNext-AI which was a wonderful system for improving the artificial intellegence of the enemies. The original AI was based on FORTH scripts. gcsNEXT-AI instead gave the customers a graphical interface for many settings and a scripting language which was about 1000 times easier to learn than the FORTH system."
--Kevin Stokes, 2010

John Worsham was a programmer who worked on improving the 3D Game Creation System, starting out as a particularly adept customer.