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"GORE GALORE --The BREAKOUT, v1.0 is an intense, virtual reality, 3-D action game by JESTER SOFTWARE CO. As escaped homicidal maniac 'BLOODY BOB', you satisfy your sickest fantasies in a splatter fest of blood and gore. Run Amouk, they're after you, so do as much damage as you can, before they capture you...or maybe they won't! Enter the dark side of the human mind, you're one sick puppy, so you're not really responsible for what you're about to do?"

Gore Galore - The Breakout is a first-person shooter game created using the 3D Game Creation System by Jester Software and released on July 1, 1995. It notably is more ambitious in terms of using varying wall heights, stairs and height blocks than many GCS games.


  • 1: escape a prison complex via hidden doors signified by rubble.
  • 2: escape the underground of the prison by finding switches to unlock gates.
  • 3. fight your way through a green outdoor area until you reach a road.
  • 4. follow the road to the guard's living quarters building, slaughtering all opposition.
  • 5. seek the red key through the various living areas.


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