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GCS box in German

"While we were developing Terminal Terror, I was contacted by Jurgen from . We made an agreement that we would create a 3D game for the german market, and he sent a signficant advance. We thought we could use alot of the graphic content in both Terminal Terror and the german title. However, we had a drop-dead deadline with Expert for Terminal Terror, and not with So we concentrated more on Terminal Terror and eventually Jurgen became very displeased with us and rightly so."
--A History of Pie in the Sky Software's Products

Following the release of Lethal Tender in 1993, Pie in the Sky Software was commissioned to develop a first-person shooter in the German language based on Power 3D. Production on this stalled however due to time competition first from the development of Terminal Terror (1994) and then the 3D Game Creation System (1995). Ultimately, in order to fulfil the contract, Pie in the Sky supplied a German translation of the GCS. Little else is known about the concept or design of the title. Presumably it was hoped to take advantage of the underground status of Wolfenstien 3D in the country, and was potentially being built with German video game censorship in mind. Incidentally, the competitor ACK 3D engine also proved popular in Germany, and was subsequently developed from there.

" was very unhappy that we did not have any progress on the German 3D shooter we had promised to make. And since we had taken the advance money we were obligated to either give the money back or produce a game. At this time I thought it would be much better for them to have the GCS than a out-dated 3D shooter, so I offered to make a German language GCS for them instead. This was accepted and so we made it happen."
--A History of Pie in the Sky Software's Products