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"This is by far one of the most simplistic, pure, raw, basic games I have seen. It was probably made for fun or just to mess around with the engine. You're running through the wood collecting 10 pieces of trash and on the way you free 10 tree-spirits. You will find yourself walking in random directions hoping to step on a goal item. There's also an intro and an ending screen to the game which I was somehow unable to merge with the game video. Probably the only Pie-in-the-Sky game really suitable for children."

Gaia - Deep in the Woods is a game created using the 3D Game Creation System by Robin Eskew of Oak Park, Illinois. It features pastoral outdoor scenes and environmental themes. It's name is derived from Gaia, the Earth mother god from Greek mythology, also famous from the Gaia hypothesis.

"My name is Robin and I am a single parent trying to get custody of my two daughters this year. If you enjoy this program, and can afford it, send a check for whatever you think it is worth to the address at the end of this file. If you can't afford to send money, I would still like your comments and you can send a postcard to the same address. The game is fairly self-explanatory. Press F1 for instructions during the game. If the movement is jerky, try pressing the num-lock key once. Disclaimer: As I write this, I am the only person who has tested it. It seems to be relatively bug free. It is virus free. It shouldn't hurt your computer in any way, but legally I have to say that I'm not responsible for any damages if it does. Thanks for playing and I hope you enjoy it! :)"
--Robin Eskew