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"Welcome to the GCS Archive. The GCS Archive was put forth to support the family of Pie GCS engines. From Version 1.1 of the DOS engine to Version 3.08 of the Windows Engine. Please visit the website often, as I will update the site with any new downloads or links to GCS resources as I find them. What made the Pie GCS so attractive was it's simplicity of game development. No other game development engine is as simple yet capable of making such complex games. We've seens some great games from this engine... Infiltration, House of Cathalon and Pencil Whipped, to name a few. Perhaps there are more gems out there just waiting to see the light of day. The best is yet to come!"
--GCS Archive

GCS Archive is a website and forum founded by Lonnie "Saturdaynight" King on October 22, 2008 for his MOD-G project. Currently the site is down, but the forum is still up and is the best place to talk about 3D Game Creation System topics.

Prominent Members[edit]

  • Saturdaynight
  • Mystery
  • Technopeasant

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