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"Yes, at last there is a place on the internet for all your Pie In The Sky 3D Game Creation System needs... well, some of them maybe. I mean, if you need help running it on your computer then we can't help you (it doesn't work for us either), if you need to know where to get a physical copy then we also can't really help you, if you need help USING the software... yeah, we can't help with that either. What we can do is share some creations, spread some love and bask in the glory of all our wonderful content... Oh yeah, we don't have any of that either. Look, we can't do this alone. if you have any content relating to the GCS software, send it along to us at eggheadcheesybird@gmail.com and we'll stick it up. It was a great little program and we just think there there should a modest little corner of the internet dedicated to honouring its memory. Say cheese!"
--Fat Ninja Paparazzi

Fat Ninja Paparazzi GCS Fan Site is a fan page about the 3D Game Creation System by Fat Ninja Paparazzi. It also features a still unpopulated community forum, as opposed to the marginally active forum hosted by GCS Archive. It features profiles of Lethal Tender, Terminal Terror, and Red Babe.

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