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"A Fast Paced Action Shoot-em-up... In this 3D game of non-stop action you must race through the corridors of an old prison block blasting anything that gets in your way to bits. As well as its quick action there are also many skill challenges in the game, from searching for items to finding your way around in a forest maze... The Story So Far... After attempting to break into the CIA computer system, you were caught and taken to Springville high security prison. However, during your interrogation session you attack the guard and escape. Now you must escape from the prison and blast anything that gets in your way to bits."
--Speeding Bullet Design

Escape! (also known as Escape! 3D, and some sources call it Escape! 3D: The Breakout) is a game create using the 3D Game Creation System. It was released in 1999 as a a v.1.1A Beta by Jerome Everall operating as Speeding Bullet Design. Originally released for MS-DOS, a version using the Windows Replacement Engine was also in the works, alongside an RPG game called Recall.

"Our first game was called Escape! 3D. We started developing it for DOS back in 1997. In it, you played a convict who had to escape from prison (hence the title) and flee the country. It was a 3D shooter, this means that the main emphasis of the game is to run around blasting things to bits (kind of like DOOM) we released demos and sold shareware versions, but Windows was getting ever more popular and with Microsoft revolutionizing things left right and center us DOS developers were being swept into the trashcan of time with the dustpan of progress. Then, someone at Pie in the Sky Software had a brilliant idea. One that would revolutionize game creation for the foreseeable future. The Windows Replacement Engine 1.0 was released. A drop in replacement for our old DOS engine meant that in less than a few months, we could knock out a half-decent demo of Escape! 3D for Windows 95."
--Speeding Bullet Design


- Hall of First Person Games

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