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"Digital Entertainment MUseum (Demu) has been my primary project for several years. I've been involved in digital preservation of classic computer games since 1998. As the years passed I saw commercial works were being preserved, however, freeware, shareware, and demo files were ignored. This collection is my attempt to make sure these files are saved and are easily accessible into the future. While my major focus has been DOS and early Windows games -- I preserve every file I come across (a digital hoarder I suppose) -- including images, videos and audio. All of my work is contributed to the public domain. You are encouraged to take any of my original work and use it for your own website or project. As of February 2012 all of our files are preserved at The Internet Archive in the "Classic PC Games" collection."

Demu is a website that hosts old personal computer games for MS DOS and Microsoft Windows platforms. It features one of the most complete collections of 3D Game Creation System titles available for download. The site's content collection has also been uploaded to the Internet Archive as the "Classic PC Games" collection.


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