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Cyberpuck was a racing game for MS-DOS released in 1992 and developed by Dungeon Entertainment/Webfoot Technologie and published by Homebrew Software/Ticsoft. Although not created by Pie in the Sky Software, the early release date of this title and its extensive modification from the base Power 3D engine indicate that this game was produced through license from Pie and not through the 3D Game Creation System. This is most shown by its genre: rather than being a first-person shooter, it is a first-person racing sports game, a remake of the older BallBlaster game for the Apple II.

It is also known as 3D Cyber Puck, 3D Cyber Blaster and 3D Ball Blaster. It is described as a mixture between soccer and hockey, with a wide variety of objects and power-ups available for use, played between two hovercraft in a time when such sports have replaced violence. It was included on the Top 10 Great Action Games, Volume 2 compilation as 3D Cyber Blaster.


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