Corncob Deluxe

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Corncob Deluxe box
Corncob Deluxe front cover

"Eventually I got a call from Dave Snyder from MVP Software. He did shareware marketing. Dave was truly a great guy, and I really enjoyed working with him. He took a cut of the profit, but in return he tirelessly promoted Corncob 3D, and eventually landed some retail deals. Over the years with all the business people I've dealt with, Dave was the best. Corncob Deluxe ended up on retail shelves all across the country. It was so cool to walk into a KMart and able to buy a copy of my game! It cost me $5.95, but of that I think I earned around 30 cents for every copy. As I recall, KMart took 1/2, then Who took most of the remaining, and then Dave took his standard cut, which I don't recall what that was."
--A History of Pie in the Sky Software's Products

Corncob Deluxe is the retail version of Corncob 3D (1992) released by MVP Software in 1994.

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