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The Pie in the Sky engine's popular predecessor game.[1] Instead of being a first person shooter like the later games based on Pie in the Sky, it is a flight simulator game. The game takes place in a world where Hitler died in childhood and World War II never happened. In its stead, aliens have invaded the Earth.[2] The player must take control of a F4U Corsair, the only World War II plane that made it into this alternate history, and defeat the alien invaders.[3] The game takes place in a variety of different locations and was noted for its original gameplay and presentation.[4] It is also known for being one of the few shareware flight simulators.[5]

Computer Gaming WorldTemplate:'s reviewer, a United States Army Aviation Branch pilot, stated that "Corncob 3D delivers one of the best attempts at a VR-like 'living environment' in a flight sim so far". He praised the "total, virtual, freedom" in the game world, the smooth animation, compatibility with lower-end computers, and "believable" flight models, while criticizing the lack of terrain features, air-to-air combat, and limited control options. The reviewer concluded that Corncob 3D "offers some new ideas that will certainly be seen in future games", with a high "price/challenge/fun" ratio.[6]