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"This will be a short one: I have no idea how and why this was deemed to be a compile- and release-worthy game, because there's only half a level in there, so I'll show you the game in its entirety. First room: Get a shotgun! Second room: Two enemies on bikes (makes sense?) and a goo gun. Third room: A neat library with a bomb item in one of the aisles. And after that, there's nothing else. The library looks nice and the whole floor on the "inside" of the level is covered with black polygons, which works more or less okay."

Bark Bark 3D is a short and largely uncompleted game constructed using the 3D Game Creation System. Developed by Dangaroos Kipawa Entertainment, the files were last updated on November 15, 1999. The same developer created Mayhem 3D.


  • Room One: Shotgun room.
  • Room Two: Motorbike enemies and Goo Gun.
  • Room Three: Library with bomb.



-Hall of First Person Games

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