Baja Bash

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Baja Bash promotional circa 1997
Baja Bash screenshot

"Over the next few years Eric worked out an excellent 3D vehicle physics package, while I coded up a decent outdoor terrain engine, while Colin made some beautiful 3D models for vehicles and other objects. The result was a game which was great fun to play. The physics was phenomal and the graphics of the engine were ok for the time."
--The History of Pie in the Sky Software Part 3

Baja Bash was a 3D physics-based vehicle simulation game in development around 1997 based on Criterion Software's Renderware technology. Originally intended as Pie in the Sky Software's first venture into Microsoft Windows development, the game fell into development hell and was ultimately superseded by version 2.x of the 3D Game Creation System powered by DirectX in 1998. The game was being worked on by Kevin Stokes, working on the terrain engine, Colin Stokes, contributing game artwork, and a friend of theirs from North Carolina named Eric seeking job experience in the game's industry, who worked on the physics module.

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