Adolf-X 3D: The Execution of Hitler

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"This is a long forgotten shareware FPS made with Pie in the Sky Software's 3D Game Creation System. It puts you in the middle of WWII. You have been selected to go on a Top Secret Mission in Europe. Your Mission - The Assassination of Adolf Hitler. When you arrive in Europe you are arrested and taken to a Secret Nazi Prison Camp. The Nazis grill you with questions and beat you pretty bad. As you sit there, beaten and bloody, the guards decide to take a smoke break. When they leave the room you notice a Shotgun left on the floor as bait. What do you do ? The choice is yours, either sit there and wait for round two, or pick up that shotgun and kick some serious ass. The game is afoot."
--Entry, 3D Shooter Legends

Adolf-X 3D: The Execution of Hitler is a game made using the 3D Game Creation System created by Weirheiser Concepts in 1996.


- Hall of First Person Games