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"I had found out when I bought The Dolfin Comics comic book from Dallas from Ebay that Wolfenstein 3D mod maker Gary Acord died in October 2014. He had a Journalism Ph.D, was a philosopher, author, Elvis look-a-like, boxer, comic book illustrator, & lived in Dallas. He was president of a Science Fiction Club. His comic book was Dolfin Comics, his book was Heaven on Earth, & his magazine was Wotta World. I think that he had 3 wives & a son. We exchanged several emails & he was quite a character!"

Acord Games was the game development label of the late Gary Acord (November 30, 1948 – October 2014), which produced numerous games using the 3D Game Creation System. The current URL for the archival mirror of the GCS Games website features a playful dig at Acord.


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