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ACK 3D (short for Animation Construction Kit 3D, later ACKNEX for ACK NEXT GENERATION, and now 3D GameStudio) was a contemporary competitor to the 3D Game Creation System in the amateur and budget first-person shooter space. Similar to Power 3D, it started out as a Wolfenstein 3D engine clone (ACK and ACKNEX), before later acquiring Doom engine style features (ACKNEX-2, ACKNEX-3), and ultimately true 3D similar to the Quake engine (AACKNEX-4, or A4, onward). It was used in a handful of commercial games such as H.U.R.L., The Varginha Incident and Hades 2, the religious themed Saints of Virtue, as well as two advergames for Mr. Pibb and Taco Bell respectively, and finally in numerous personal projects. It was originally written by Lary Myers in 1993, who featured it in his book Amazing 3-D Games Adventure Set, an instructional programming guide that featured a bundled CD-ROM with the demo Station Escape. Development was then taken over by Johann Christian Lotter as oP Group in 1994, before being taken up by current developer Conitec Datasystems in 1995. The most recent iteration, A8, was released in 2010 and last updated in March 2016.

List of games[edit]

Contemporary to Power 3D/GCS: 1993-2003 (ACK 1 through A5); engine also shifted away from just shooters later on

  • Station Escape
  • oP Demo
  • Skaphander: Der Auftrag
  • H.U.R.L (aka Slob Zone 3D)
  • Angst: Rahz's Revenge
  • The Varginha Incident
  • Tyranizer
  • Mr. Pibb: The 3D Interactive Game
  • Taco Bell: Tasty Temple Challenge
  • Saints of Virtue
  • The Lord of Lightning
  • Thanatos 3D: Army of the Night
  • Tyrannizer
  • Hades 2
  • Under Ash
  • Bhagat Singh
  • W.A.R. Soldiers: The True Story
  • Black Bekker

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