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"Hello and welcome to my channel. The goal of this channel is to list all the first-person games that have appeared for the PC. Now, however, there are many games that can be played out of the first person perspective, such as simulations. These are a genre of their own and can not be found here. My videos are not a test, longplays or Lets play videos to these games. Rather, I would like to present the wide selection of First Person titles. Maybe I can help some of the first person game fans through my videos to make a purchase decision. Anyway ... I wish you a lot of fun in the 'Hall of First Person Games'!!!!"
--Hall of First Person Games

Hall of First Person Games is a channel on YouTube first launched on October 13, 2016 but really gaining steam on January 26, 2017. It features video games of early personal computer games featuring a first person perspective, both obscure and well known. As such, it has featured several Power 3D and 3D Game Creation System titles so far.


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